AM #36 [Primavera 2014]


Lydia Lunch, Tying Tiffany, The Shade, Breathless, Steve Morell & The Science Of Doubt, Rational Youth, Blank, Terminal Gods, Der Noir, Daniela Bedeski, Helalyn Flowers, virtual juke-box a Nino La Loggia (aka Trevor Finn). Speciale Esoteric Britannia, live report “Mountain electronic music summit” Asheville (North Carolina).

AM #37 [Estate 2014]


Strawberry Switchblade, Front Line Assembly, Fm Einheit, The Foreign Resort, The Devil & The Universe, M!R!M, Welle: Erdball, Speciale Japan e Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, , Wanda Wulz, Cadabra, Yabanci, Psycho Kinder, Live Wave-Gotik Treffen 2014, Dark Munich Festival 2014, Distanze Festival – 100% New Wave Italiana.

AM #38 [Autunno-Inverno 2014]


Two Witches,The Young Gods​, Sigillum S​, Sad Lovers & Giants, KMDFM, Ash Code​, Lisfrank​, Mark Gemini Thwaite​ (Jukebox), Icydawn​, New Zero God​, New Disease​, James Stevenson​, Expelaires​, The Stompcrash​, A NIGHT LIKE THIS festival​, Traffic Festival, Entremuralhas Festival


AM #39 [Primavera  2015]


The Last Dance, Mick Harvey, Ataraxia, Schonwald, Tehôm, Tommy De Chirico, When In Rome, The Shimmer, Speciale The Legendary Pink Dots, Former Humans, Ivories, Karma In Auge,

AM #40 [Estate 2015]


The Cult (cover story), WILLIAM FAITH (Virtual Juke Box), Keluar, Love Amongst Ruin, Frank The Baptist, Other Voice, Geometric Vision, Stardom, Cropcircle, Melampus, Sorry, Heels, Francesco Mellina: REVEALED!, Crimson Muddle.

AM #41[Inverno 2015]


Scarlet & the spooky Spider (cover story), Paolo L. Bandera - Sigillum S -  (Virtual Juke Box), Speciale The Sister of mercy, Strawberry Switchblade, Camerata Mediolanense, Burning Gates, Bahntier, Cyclic Amp, Ofiicine Schwartz, Phase Fatale, Grooving in Green, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Dead Eyes Oponed.

AM #42[Primavera 2016]


Killing Joke, Minuit Machine, Still Patient?, Lolita Komplex, Darrin Huss | Psyche, La Pietra Lunare, Versailles, Edith Crash, Laurapalmer, Selfimperfectionist, Hexn, Antonello Cresti.

AM #43 [Estate-Autunno 2016]


John Lydon, Ancien Methods, Mark Gemini Thwaite,Pink Turns Blue, We Are Waves, La Scaltra, Long Night, DPERD.

Speciale XXV° Wave Gotik Treffen - Gothic Sound Festival IV

AM #44 [Inverno 2016/2017]


The Mission, Controlled Bleeding, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Hante, Mesh, Winter Severity Index, Hapax, Evi Vine, Ikon, Assemblage 23, Apoptygma Berzerk, Sjöblom, Calm'n'Chaos, II0I0I0II, Albin Julious.


AM #45 [Primavera-Estate 2017]


Rome, In Strict Confidence, The Last Days Of Jesus, Stompcrash, Sibera, Fear Of The Storm, Kaelan Mikla, Tanks And Tears, Ketvector, Blush Response, Templezone, Style Sindrome, Last Movement, Marcello Ambrosini (Post-Industriale).

Speciale: THE DANSE SOCIETY - dietro le quinte di "Heaven is Waiting"