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AM # 1 [2002]


Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Covenant, Das Ich, Diva Destruction, Untoten, Lycia, Mariae Nascenti, In My Rosary, Mephisto Walz, Saltatio Mortis, XPQ-21, Informatik.


AM #2 [primavera 2003]


Diva Destruction, Stalingrad, Funker Vogt, Persephone, Siderartica, Novy Svet, Angels And Agony, Monumentum, Bella Morte, Malaise, Gothica, The Fair Sex, In Mitra Medusa INRI, speciale Deathrock.


AM #3 [estate 2003]


Faith & The Muse, Blutengel, Catastrophe Ballet, :Wumpscut:, Mila Mar, Howden & Wakeford, Bloody Dead & Sexy, Gothminister, Scream Silence, Mushroom’s Patience, Violet Stigmata, Penis Flytrap.


AM # 4 [autunno 2003]


The Cruxshadows, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, The Last Dance, Hocico, Illuminate, Frank The Baptist, Coph Nia, Ohgr [Skinny Puppy], Collide, Ordeal By Fire, Dance On Glass, Kartagon, Tvmvlvs Seraphim + CD compilation “Dancing Ferret” allegato con The Last Dance, The Cruxshadows, Paralysed Age and more.


AM # 5 [inverno 2003/2004]


In Strict Confidence, Clan Of Xymox, Der Blutharsch, SITD, Derniere Volonté, Deine Lakaien, Allied Vision, Scary Bitches, Libitina, Dismal, Void Construct, Mercurine, Excession, Stin Scatzor, Narr!, ThoughShaltNot.

AM # 6 [primavera 2004]


VNV Nation, Project Pitchfork, Morthem Vlade Art, :Wumpscut:, Secret Discovery, Antiworld, Institut, Penitent, Runes Order, The Last Days Of Jesus, Bohemien, Hatesex, ERRA, Audioplug, Genetic Variation, Jacquy Bitch, Wolfsheim.

AM # 7 [estate 2004]


Ordeal By Fire, Mortiis, Das Ich, Ikon, Psycho Bitch, Fixmer/McCarthy, Limbo, The House Of Usher, speciale Virgin Prunes, Novo Homo, Reptyle, Nebelhexe, Gotterdammerung, Human Disease, speciale Kraftwerk, Casualty Park.

speciale festival 2004


allegato # 7 speciale festival europei 2004

AM # 8 [Inverno 2004/2005]

Frankenstein, In Slaughter Natives, Dawn & Dusk Entwined, Girls Under Glass, Killing Miranda, Zadera, Neurotichfish, Voices Of Masada, Morticia, Ultraviolence, Flesh Field, Snakeskin, Bahntier, Aborym, Second Skin.

AM # 9 [estate 2005]

.Lacrimosa, VNV Nation, The Deep Eynde, Gothminister, Altered States, Ikon, :Wumpscut:, The Breathe Of Life, Mercurine, Inner Glory, Final Selection, Umbra Et Imago, Ludmila, Pink Turns Blue, Northgate, Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte.

AM # 10 [autunno 2005]

Eva Mz O., Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Spiritual Front, Funker Vogt, Klimt 1918, Chants Of Maldoror, Bloody Dead & Sexy, Goethes Erben, Miguel & The Living Dead, Soman, Paul Roland, F.A.Q., Painbastard, M’Era Luna festival.

AM # 11 [inverno 2005/2006]

Fields Of The Nephilim, Brighter Death Now, The Last Dance, Dive, Rotersand, The Frozen Autumn, Neon, Artica, Leaether Strip, KMFDM, Neither Neither World, Black Atmosphere, Carnival Of Dreams, DHM.

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